Eliminate Clutter with 5 Bedroom Solutions

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You deserve a bedroom that is calm and relaxing... a place where you can unwind at the end of the day. Think of your bedroom as your private spa or oasis. You're probably picturing soothing colors and natural finishes like fresh flowers or potted plants. What you're probably not picturing are piles of folded (or not folded!) [...]

A Complete Guide to the Perfect Dining Room Place Setting

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Some will say that etiquette is becoming a lost art, but we know that our readers in Celina and Bellefontaine are keeping some customs alive and well! Whether it's family dinners, holiday parties, or informal gatherings, our customers are definitely putting their dining tables to use! That's why we wanted to help out by creating this [...]

How to Use Your Graduate’s Empty Room

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When a child graduates or leaves the home for some other reason it creates changes in the household. One of those changes is now an empty room. Some people keep it as a “museum” as a tribute to the memories of childhood. Others are ready to move on and see an opportunity to add functionality [...]

Put Your Living Room in the Best Light

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At Francis Furniture we help our customers create living room spaces that reflect their own sense of style using our broad selection of furniture brands, designs and colors. Even the perfect living room furniture, however, needs proper lighting to enhance the look. There are three types of lighting…ambient, accent and task…and using all these [...]

7 Styles to Help You Decorate the Perfect Dining Room

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A dining room isn’t just a place to eat, it’s a space where friends and family gather to share stories and make memories. So when you’re decorating your dining room, think about what feeling you want to get when you enter the room. Is it warm and cozy, glamorous and elegant, or a little bit [...]

Select the Right Furniture to Suit Your Lifestyle

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As people go through different stages of their lives, their lifestyles change accordingly. At Francis Furniture we have been helping Ohio families in Celina, Bellefontaine, Sidney, Troy, Van Wert and the surrounding areas to match their lifestyle needs for living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms and mattresses. Young families often need more seating capacity and sturdy [...]

Decorating a Bedroom for Every Age

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Create a calming retreat for yourself in the master bedroom or decorate a bedroom where your children can express their individuality. Whatever the age, you'll find inspiration to paint, furnish and accessorize the perfect bedroom for everyone in your family! A Master Bedroom Makeover Before you begin, it helps to decide what style you want to focus on for [...]

Get Your Home Ready for Holiday Entertaining

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The most joyful…and busy…time of the year is right around the corner.  Different people celebrate different occasions but frequent gatherings with family and friends are common to all.  It can be very hectic, but if you start to prepare your home now you will have more time to spend with your guests. Take stock of [...]

How to Add Color to Your Home Without Painting

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Are you itching to add some new color and vibrancy to your home… but preferably without the work or cost of painting? We know the feeling. That’s why our talented home designers have come up with alternative ways of adding pigmentation to your living room, dining room, bedroom, and more! Brightly colored furniture There’s [...]

Is it Real Wood?

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This is a question most consumers have when they are furniture shopping, but rarely know how to answer. Knowing the difference between solid wood furniture and other materials can help you select the quality and durability needed for your specific needs. Solid wood furniture will be more durable, maintain its natural beauty longer and [...]